Most popular sports in the world

Sports are popular for lots of reasons. They keep us healthy when we practice them. They entertain us when we are spectators. Also, they can help us earn money when we play our favorite game in online casinos.

In the following, we will list for you the most popular sports in the world.


As you may expect, football is the most popular sport in the world. Known as soccer in the US and Canada, football is played and watched in all countries.

In fact, it has an estimated following of 4 billion fans. The origins of this sport are in the 19th century, in England. The reason why soccer is so popular is because it doesn’t require expensive equipment.

All you need is a ball and your feet. Rich or poor, everyone can enjoy this amazing sport. It is played worldwide but is more popular in Europe, Africa, and South America.


Cricket is on the scond place on our list. This sport boasts a fan base of 2.5 billion. It is most popular in the United Kingdom, Australia, Inida, and Pakistan.

Similar to baseball, cricket involves two teams, a large field, a bat, and scoring runs. Yet, there are some significant differences.


Hockey can be played both on ice and in a field. This sport boasts a following of two billion people. Field hockey is most played in Australia, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

On the other hand, ice hockey is most popular in the United States, Canada, and Northern Europe.


Tennis boasts a following of one billion people. Professional tennis players such as Roger Federer and Serena Williams are now household names around the world.


Volleyball is another popular sport all over the world. It has a following of 900 million people. Volleyball is most popular in North America, Western Europe, Asia, and Australia. One popular variant, beach volleyball, is played on sand.

Table tennis

Table tennis is also known as Ping Pong, and it is also very popular worldwide. The sport originated in England in the early 20th century.

Today, it is played in many countries at a professional level and also for fun. Table tennis has an estimated following of 875 million. It is played the most in Asia. Yet, it is also followed in Europe and Africa.


Basketball was invented in the late 19th century by James Naismith. Today, basketball has an estimated following of 825 million. This sport is played worldwide. It is particularly popular because little equipment is needed.


Baseball is very popular not only in the United States but in Asia and Latin America as well. It has an estimated following of 500 million fans. The sport involves two teams that try to hit a ball with a bat, nbetween two white lines.


Rugby originated in England and it is most popular in England. This sport has an estimated following of 475 million people. It is also played at a professional level in New Zealand and Australia.

This is a contact sport that involves lots of tackling. From some points of view, it is similar to American soccer.

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